Conversion tables
Conversion tables (or From/To tables) are very useful for conversions of values that can change frequently and need constant maintenance. They are simple and easy to update, and end-users can maintain their values themselves. This takes a big load off the developer, who will have more time to take care of other things.

Table definition

To create a new conversion table, just click on the + New button and fill in the following information:
  • External code - information that must be unique across the environment and will be used in the automation code to retrieve the data
  • Package
  • Description
To edit a conversion table, click Modify in the last column Actions. A modal window will appear with the fields that can be updated.
To delete a conversion table, select in the first column and click the Bulk Delete button displayed in the lower right corner.

Values update

To update the values of a conversion table, it is necessary to click on Operations > Update Values in the Actions column.
To add new items, there are two options:
  • Click on + Add at the bottom of the window and enter the values manually
  • Import a CSV file via the Upload button
In the case of an import, existing records will be deleted, and the imported file will overwrite all pre-existing data. It is important that the CSV contains only two columns and that it has no headers.
During the individual update without a spreadsheet, it is very important to click on save at the end of the line as without this action, the changes will be discarded.

Download values

If it is necessary to update the records via CSV file, it is important to download the current records and use them as a base so as not to lose pre-existing records. This can be done via the Download button in the right part of the window.