Within TunnelHub, it is possible to create multiple isolated environments as needed in the Environments menu. By default, two environments are created, one for development and one for production.
Environments are logically isolated and allow settings and monitoring logs to be separated. Users can also have limited access to certain environments for better management. Eventually, some resources may be shared between environments, such as user data.
To create a new environment, just click on the + New button and fill in the following information:
  • Ambient acronym - Must be an acronym without spaces or special characters
  • Description - friendly name
  • Productive environment (yes or no) - Enable only for productive environments
  • Label Color - The color of the label to be displayed on the top menu
To edit an environment, click on Modify in the last column Actions. A modal window will appear with the fields that can be updated.
To delete an environment, select in the first column and click on the Delete in bulk button, displayed in the lower right corner.
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