The first task after starting your instance will be to add new users. You can do this via the Administration -> Users menu. On this screen, users previously registered on the platform will be displayed in a list with filters for quick searches.
Click the + New button to add a new user and fill in the requested information. All fields are mandatory. The fields below must be filled in carefully:
Must be unique and cannot be modified
User type
Administrator - Has access to all functionalities Common User - Has all access except to create new users and modify company settings Limited User - Only have access to monitoring integrations and APIs previously released by a regular user or administrator
E-mail address where the initial password will be sent and where the user can recover their password
To edit a user, click Modify in the last column Actions. A modal window will appear with all updatable fields.
To delete a user, select the first column and click on the Bulk Delete button in the lower right corner.
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