Systems are information repositories used in external connections within automation. As values constantly change depending on the environment, such as a server address or username and password, it is essential that this information is dynamic and not fixed in our integrations.
We support the following types of systems:
  • Database
  • FTP
  • LDAP
  • Email
  • HTTP
  • SFTP
  • SMB file system
  • SOAP
  • Custom
Different fields will be opened on the Parameters tab depending on the type of system. If it is the custom type, only custom parameters will be allowed. The values filled in the parameters can be accessed dynamically at runtime, leaving the integrations completely flexible in different environments.
To create a new system, click on the + New button and fill in the following information:
  • Name
  • Internal name - information that must be unique throughout the environment and will be used in the automation code to retrieve the data
  • Status
  • Type
  • Description
After saving, filling in the parameters tab will be enabled according to the selected system type.
To edit a system, click on Modify on the last column Actions. A modal window will appear with the fields that you can update.
To erase a System, select it in the first column and click on the Bulk Erase button at the lower right corner.